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Get all the parts and accessories you need for your recreational vehicle or boat by depending on RV & Marine Supply by Cascade, LLC. Keep everything in excellent condition with our help. We are the place to go for quality, affordable RV and marine parts and supplies in Marysville, WA. Whether you need truck accessories or an important marine part, we can help.

We want to ensure your vehicle is maintained and in excellent condition. That’s why we sell the right parts that are required to do just that. From boat supplies and accessories to truck or RV parts, we have exactly what you are looking for. We even sell quality motor oil from AMSOIL for your engine maintenance needs.

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Our Story

A dad racks up a few dozen job titles as he raises his kids, such as skilled builder, advisor, giver, toe tickler, and more. The time he spends with his family, whether its moments filled with giggles or serious discussions, always leaves a lasting impression on each child's life. For Louise Alexander-Way, time spent working with her dad at the age of 17 on the open road camper influenced her future. Not only did she become interested in RVs, but she also learned about hard work, good times, and appreciating nature.

Once the camper was ready to roll, Louise, along with her mom and dad, would take a vacation that included scenic rides to California, salmon fishing in La Push, and Westport gold mining in a remote stream bed. The camper was taken on the road until her dad passed away five years later. However, the adventures continue to stay with Louise.

After working 20 years as an LPN at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma, she decided to change her job. In 1991, she purchased RV & Marine Supply by Cascade, LLC in Marysville. Louise also shares her extensive knowledge of RV and truck parts and marine care at seminars. In fact, she has two coming up in March and April. She tries to have classes seasonally. Her most recent seminar focused on winterization using blowout plugs to remove all of the water from pipes and lines to prevent breakage using the correct antifreeze, draining, and flushing holding tanks.